Planning a wedding takes a minimum of 400 hours. As the wedding date draws near, you are more and more stressed and you need more and more dedicated time. We are here to help you through that process to make sure you have an enjoyable memorable day. Creating a budget, sticking to it, negotiating contracts with vendors, anticipating special needs…Pulling it all together in a wedding vision board.  It does not matter whether your wedding is an intimate one or if you have more than 200 guests, either way it takes is a lot of creative planning. Let us assist you.

Theme Parties

Don’t let your next theme party be ordinary! There are certain moments of the year where you want your celebration to be different than the classic party. February is a good month to pick up some original ideas for Valentine, Carnival. Or you may choose your date to make a fun private or fun corporate party. Noces d’Afrique will show you how to spice up your social life with original ideas: guests dress up, personalized games, crafts, animations to name a few…

Private Events

Every person I meet wants her or his party to be special. The care we will put into each step of the planning even the smallest details, will be a reflection of your personality. Don’t try to copy cat your friend’s party, make yours as unique as you are. We will help you achieve your dream on designing the big picture first and then by filling in the small details. As a party planner Noces d’Afrique know exactly how to make your celebration gracious, inspiring and deeply personal.

Corporate Events

There are various types of corporate events that make use of entertainment: year end party or holiday parties are the most common ones. An opening general session, a product launch , a book launch may include entertainment that adds excitement. Awards or Incentive events can also make use of options that will leave the attendees with a feeling of excitement and looking forward to the next meeting or their next working challenge. With several years of marketing background Noces d’Afrique can assist in achieving your corporate goals.

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